Build a Stronger Core With This Yoga Move

If you’re wondering why a guy who recommends deadlifting, squatting and overhead pressing, and all kinds of other “tough guy” stuff would write an article about yoga core strength… then you probably haven’t done yoga.

I actually like it, for a couple of reasons:

1. Lotsa of women contorting themselves in tight clothing: Nuff said…

2. It’s calming: I don’t know about you, but I don’t regularly take an hour to do any “moving meditation” and it really helps relax you…

3. Stretching: I’ve been in martial arts my whole life but a lot of the poses I still get a good stretch with…

4. Core strength: yes the buzz word “core strength” – yoga does have some moves that are good for this…

A Great Yoga Core Strength Move – The triangle

I’m not sure what the name is in yogi talk (sorry, I’m such a “guy” about this), but the triangle move was pretty stressing to the core last time I tried it.

There are two versions, one where you’re twisting through with your opposite hand up (like in the picture) and one where you’re not… I found the twisting one to be harder.
Another Great Yoga Core Strength Move – The Side Plank

The basic version of this move, the side plank, is one you see all the time labeled as a “core exercise”. It forces your body to use your abs and back to keep your body in a straight line… but it gets absolutely CRAZY when you try to do the advanced versions of this move.

I was trembling like a leaf in a strong autumn breeze after a couple of seconds of extending my foot and arm towards the sky (like in the picture)… and the arm bracing me on the ground was doing its best to support my weight.

“Yoga Aint For Tough Guys!”

That’s what I used to think, but I really dig it. And I think if you try these two yoga core strength moves, you will too!

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